Special Committee

Roles of the Special Committee

Setting ‘Priorities for Implementation’ per each committee to realize the vision of the AWC

Developing ‘Water Project’ by cooperative activities with other Special Committees

Encouraging and facilitating discussion of those priorities among stakeholders in each committee

Implementing multi-faceted solutions to identified problems through close communication among committees

Reporting progress of activities and outcomes to the Board of Council and the General Assembly

Diffusing outcomes through inter-committee session operation during the Asia International Water Week

Composition of committee

Each committee shall consist of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Coordinator, and Members.

Responsibility of each party


Guides overall operation of each committee and ensure that the focus of the each committee members’ attention is on primary theme of the committee and that there is cohesion of direction and purpose of each committee

Builds consensus and develops committee works and future plan with members

Provides timely and relevant proposals and information to the BoCs and secretariat

Ensures effective and transparent processes of committee decision and activities

Represents the committee and appears on its behalf at official functions and has prime responsibility for interaction with the BoCs, Advisory board, and secretariat: it includes representing committee, executing budget, supervising activities and etc.

Collaborates with other committees in order to achieve the committee aim and make the best use of its resources

Vice Chairperson

Assists the Chairperson in performing chairperson’s duties and responsibilities.

Takes the important role in monitoring the implementation of committee’s plans and strategies

During the period when the chairperson is absent and the normal functions of the chairperson cannot be carried out, the vice chairperson takes the role as the acting chairperson until the chairperson resumes carrying out his normal duties

Facilitates highly effective performance of the committee and sets the agenda for meetings


Supports various matters for committee operation such as internal meetings of each committee, opinion &exchange, document collection and report

Convenes, and presides over, committee meetings. In consultation with chair and members, and ensures that minutes of the meetings are drafted and subsequently reviewed and approve

Liaises with and provides direction to the prospective committee members

Strategy & Policy

A system how to convince decision makers to initiate the solutions identified


Integrated Water Management Model Covering the Entire Water Cycle


A system to enhance the effectiveness of water management by introducing global standard

Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Networking place for private sectors to implement the solutions initiated

Water-Aid Program

A program to aid people in Asia suffering from water poverty and water disaster

Water Education

A program to disseminate best practices and knowledge in water, targeting officials in developing nations

Knowledge Base & Dissemination (Asia Water Insight)

A report to allow people to recognize the water status and challenges in Asia