Mission, Vision, Strategic pillar

Sustainable Growth in Asia with Smart Water

Global issue raising to resolve Asian water problems
Promoting sustainable growth by solving water problems

Action Tool

Apply Smart Technology to all kinds of water use

Ensure natural & environmental conservation through IWRM

Reduce risk through enhancing water security preventing floods and droughts

Action Platform

Strengthening cooperation among members and leading stakeholders to resolve Asian water problems

Action Goal

Common prosperity and achievement of SDGs by solving Asian water challenges

Asia Water Council aims to

Create reliable places facilitating mutual cooperation between our members and partners.
Provide appropriate condition and mechanisms to make opportunities for joint researches by sharing our information and networks.
Enhance better understanding on Smart Water Management to tackle water issues in Asia and beyond.
Build sound and strong networks for tangible outcomes for our new initiatives.


Connecting with SDGsLeading to resolve Asian water problems linked with Sustainable Development Goals

Building Solid Network Providing a substantive platform for all stakeholders related to water issues to share knowledge and experiences in order to tackle Asian water problems efficiently

Enhancing Water Tech. Encouraging private sectors in water industry to be involved in implementing and applying customized appropriate feasible solutions based on technologies